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Vintage Danish Strappy Brown Leather Bentwood Armchair

A really unusual and very handsome, Danish, mid century lounge chair with an unconventional design to moor in place the canvas that forms the seat within the wooden frame. With a configuration of straps and dowels that pull through the frame to create a really eye-catching design feature, it makes a real statement. Ideally you wouldn’t want to set this chair against a wall as it’s as fine-looking from the back as it is the front. And the sides for that matter with its trapezium-shaped arms! Bentwood chairs are famed for their extraordinary comfort. They combine the perfect tilt with loungy-but-supportive suspension, and their open design means they’re less space-demanding than regular lounge chairs. The leather is an unusual colour too – a sort of green khaki brown, a refreshing change from the usual 1970s tan leather.

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This original piece is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. The leather upholstery has been cleaned, as has the frame with a natural beeswax polish applied. The original greeny brown leather upholstery is in very order with a large sectioned cushion that forms the seat and back cushion, and a separate headrest cushion attached with straps. There’s some light wear, fading and wrinkling to the leather but this is minimal and doesn’t detract from the appeal or function of the chair. It’s part of vintage leather’s charm in our view. The cushion inners are plump and there are working zips.  The canvas underneath the cushion is in good order with some sunlight fading on the back. There are unusual straps and pegs which hold the canvas in place, forming the seat. As you will see in our photos, there is some wear and tear to these, in particular the two front straps. It’s outside of our areas of expertise to try and fix this so we have assessed them and opted to leave alone as we don’t feel it’s problematic. You could seek the advice of a professional upholsterer to see if these small tears could be strengthened (they don’t show as they’re covered by the cushion) as it would be a tricky job to replace them. That said, the tears are minor and obviously the seat is supported by straps all round meaning the weight of the person in the chair is evenly distributed. As long as the chair is treated with respect, there is no reason to think this wear is weak or likely to deteriorate quickly in our view. The chair is superbly constructed, solid and sturdy with no wobbles or creaks. There are some very light scuffs here and there to the wooden frame but as you can see from our photos, these are very minor indeed. There is no maker’s mark on the frame but it’s imported directly from Denmark and dates from the the 1970s.

H: 93cm / W: 64.5cm/ D: 79cm
Seat Height: 41cm / Seat Depth: 49cm