Original Homewares was founded by Karl and Rachel who have a shared love of beautiful, thoughtful interior and exterior pieces.

We source from across the UK and Europe, from all periods, ranging from early 20th century antiques to classic mid century design. We don’t discriminate – our goal is to find furniture, seating, lighting and collectables that still have a place and purpose in today’s home, whether that be purely decorative, purely practical, but most often a mixture of both.

You will find here a carefully curated collection of quality homewares, handpicked for today’s lives. Usually vintage, often restored, sometimes upcycled, always pieces we love ourselves.

Slow Interiors
We advocate slow interiors – taking your time to find just the right pieces to fit your character, lifestyle and tastes. We believe you should fill your surroundings, whether that be home, work or the garden, with considered items that you absolutely love, that are interesting, that have history, and most importantly, are sustainable.

We don’t believe in the fast-emerging, fashion-driven homewares market, that’s about the mass-consumption of poorly made, often unethically produced, disposable ‘stuff’.

Quite the opposite… we believe in patience to find something really special that you love, and that you will get much use and joy from. Buying vintage is investing in the past for the future. In our throwaway world, it’s better to reuse, repurpose and rethink what we have in our homes.