Slow Interiors, Anti Fast Furniture

Did you know that in the UK alone we discard almost 70 million pieces of furniture & homeware a year? *

Fast furniture, just like fast fashion, has sadly got a foothold – cheap, disposable, faddy stuff. Not only is the making of it hugely problematic with a big carbon footprint, links to deforestation and often produced with cheap labour in poor working conditions, but at the end of its brief life, when it falls apart or falls out of fashion, it goes to landfill.

Investing in quality, second-hand furniture and homeware is the sustainable answer.

Plus it’s more original and unique.

Plus it will last your lifetime and beyond.

Plus it has way more charm, character and narrative.

Plus you’re supporting small British businesses.

Plus you get to feel good about making the better, sustainable, circular choice.

So take your time, go slowly and find the perfect vintage piece for you.

*Source: Reloved Campaign / Denby