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Vintage 1970s Danish ‘Superstar’ Leather Lounge Chair with Matching Ottoman

What an interesting history this handsome chair set has. At a glance, you think the iconic, Norwegian ‘Falcon’ chair, designed by Sigurd Ressell for Vatne Mobler in 1970. But look more closely and you’ll notice that it’s missing signature Falcon features… leather buckles and belts here, instead of classic metal loops; a different, smaller cushion design; and the canvas hammock seat doesn’t curl round at the edges in quite the same way. It’s frequently wrongly attributed when in fact it’s the Danish ‘Superstar’ lounge chair by Genega Møbler, designed in 1973 to emulate the popular Falcon. The Vatne Møbler went on to challenge the makers of this chair design in court, wielding their patent rights, and such was the obvious imitation, they deservedly won. Production of the Superstar ‘copy-cat’ chair came to a somewhat abrupt halt and that was the end of its brief moment in the limelight. Staying true to its ostentatious name, the Superstar chair had its 30 seconds of fame and was withdrawn. Now with several decades of water under the bridge, this chair is as almost as desirable as the Falcon. It’s a very good looking piece and an unusual, statement design with leather straps on its four corners, mooring the sling chair to the striking bentwood base. It comes with its accompanying footstool so a further bonus. Every good lounge chair deserves a footstool. They are both in cracking vintage condition and have quite the story to tell.

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This original, vintage set comprised of a chair and stool is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. We have given the chair and stool a thorough clean, applying a natural beeswax polish to the wooden frames. The leather cushions have been cleaned and nourished with a specialist natural leather cleaner then balm. The two-part, sectioned chair cushion and the single square stool cushion are in very good order with securely affixed buttons, working zips and plump inner foams. The original leather on both cushions is soft and supple with just light, surface wrinkles and bruises from use, very much part of its appeal and character – please refer to our photos for a good sense of this. The chair cushion fixes to the frame with a zip at the top back and Velcro along the front seat edge. The stool cushion is secured with two Velcro strips. The canvas seats, metal buckles and leather belt straps are in very good order too, and they moor the seat to the wooden frames at the four corners. The leather belt straps have also been cleaned and nourished with specialist leather products to restore their suppleness and colour. Both bentwood frames are in excellent order. They are superbly constructed, solid and sturdy with no wobbles or creaks. There are some very minor surface scuffs and marks here and there but nothing to call out. There is no maker’s mark on the frame but the history of this particular chair design is well-documented so we attribute it with confidence. It dates from the early 1970s.

CHAIR: H: 81cm / W: 75cm/ D: 77cm / Seat H: 43cm
OTTOMAN: H: 47cm / W: 55cm / D: 55cm