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Vintage 1950s Dark Oak Tambour Cabinet with Drawers

These old tambour cabinets are such quirky pieces that will mix well into a home that likes a touch of the eclectic and unusual. Turn the key and the tambour front drops, rolling back to reveal a neat set of nine small internal drawers. The tambour flows smoothly and the drawers are designed to be pulled out and removed if necessary to access the contents. Each is beautifully made and seven feature a brass name plate so you can even label your smalls if you like! This is one of those pieces of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in any room, such is its universal appeal and storage function. Use in your kitchen for herbs, spices and other culinary goodies; use in the bathrooms for storing lotions and positions; use in your dressing room for underwear, ties or scarves, use in your study for papers.



SKU: W434


This is an original, vintage cabinet that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in overall good – very good, used condition. We have thoroughly cleaned it and applied a natural beeswax polish to the exterior surfaces but have otherwise left the original finish well alone. Unlock the tambour front and it immediately drops down (we recommend doing this with care so it doesn’t catch you out!), cleverly rolling back inside the cabinet to reveal the drawers inside. To close the piece, simply pull up the tambour front and lock in place. There are nine drawers in total, all beautifully made in solid oak and in clean, tidy order inside. Seven drawers feature brass name plates on the left hand side. The exterior wood does carry some minor knocks and scuffs here and there especially on the top, as you might expect from a ‘working’ cabinet such as this which most likely came from an office or place of education. Its original purpose would have been as a filing cabinet. There is a chip to the wood at the back side which we’ve shown in our photos but its position means it’s not really noticeable. There is no maker’s mark and we’re not sure where it originates from but it dates from mid-century.

H: 110.5cm / W: 46cm/ D: 43cm