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Mid Century Slim Teak Writing Desk Bureau

Neat vintage bureaus are having something of a renaissance with increased demands for working from home. Less space-hungry than a conventional desk, they can be closed when the work day is done. Bureaus are also great options for kids’ / teenagers’ rooms to help them get organised with a dedicated but discreet work station. This 1960’s teak bureau is slimline and compact, and comes with plentiful storage with a large lower cupboard and pigeon holes in the top section. Unusually the cupboard has a bi-fold door, a nice feature. Pull up a chair, pull down the desk door and you’re set to focus and work.

SKU: W458


This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good – excellent, used condition. We have cleaned the piece thoroughly inside and out, applying a natural beeswax polish but otherwise leaving the original finish alone as it’s in such fantastic order. The top door pulls down to create the desk / writing platform. There is a vinyl writing board in place and pigeonholes for storage. The door hinge and closure is in very good order and the interior is clean and tidy. The lower cabinet features a bi-fold door, also in very good working order. There is a fixed shelf and the interior is in good, clean order too. The exterior wood is in very good order with only light scuffs and marks here and there, but nothing specific to flag. The sideboard is sturdy and solid with no signs of repair. Sadly there is no maker’s mark but we believe it’s British in original and dates from the late 1960s.

H: 101.5cm / W: 69cm/ D: 30cm
Desk Height: 69cm