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Vintage British 1960s Glass Front Cabinets / Bookcase Pair

This unusual, British-made vintage cabinet delivers a great deal of bang for your buck! It’s two separate bookcases / shelf units that can either be used together or apart. Both sections are freestanding with the top simply sitting on the deeper base cabinet. This means it offers a great deal of versatility as your needs might change – partner together or set apart. There’s absolutely loads of storage space here with two glass front bookcases, both with adjustable shelves. In addition to this, there is a double door cabinet, also with a internal shelf. We love slender angled legs in black and we love the design of the integrated handles.

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This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in good – very good, used condition. It comes in two sections – the base cabinet and the upper cabinet which simply rests on top of the base. We have thoroughly cleaned this piece inside and out, and applied a natural beeswax polish to the exterior wood surfaces. Otherwise, the original finish has been left well alone as it’s in such great condition. The base section features a double door cabinet with a height adjustable shelf inside. The door fronts, handles, hinges and closures are all in very good order and the interior clean and tidy. There is a double sliding glass door bookcase with two height adjustable shelves. The doors slide with ease in their runners, the interior is clean and tidy, and the glass doors in very good order. It sits on six black, wooden, splayed legs which we believe to be original. The top cabinet features two further adjustable shelves. Again, the interior is clean and tidy and the glass doors slide with ease. The top cabinet can stand freely anywhere on the base, although when removed from the base cabinet, you can see there is sunlight fading to the top surface where the upper cabinet has rested. Sadly there is little that restoration can do to combat natural fading on this nature. We’ve shown it in our photos. This is a well-made piece in teak veneer and British in origin. Sadly there is no maker’s mark, although there is a Glenaire badge on the back of both sections, the shop that original sold these pieces.

TOP SECTION: H: 92cm / W: 76cm / D: 29.5cm
BASE SECTION: H: 92cm / W: 152.5cm / D: 38cm
TOTAL H: 183cm / W: 152.5cm / D: 38cm