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Stunning Set of Three Vintage Danish Rosewood Tiled Side Tables

A simply stunning trio of midcentury, 1960s, Danish, tiled side tables. We know that these tiled table tops can divide opinion, often tipping too far into retro kitsch but it’s the tile patterns that make or break their appeal. The explosive, un-uniform designs on these are just outstanding. An abstract mix of whirling green / grey slates shot through with bursts of cobalt blue and vermillion red. They are works of art alone but combined with elegant, long-limbed rosewood frames, they turn into something very practical as tables, negating the need for protective coasters. The design and construction of this set is of the finest quality. There are beautiful, subtle details that elevate the tables, like the slightly raised top edge and the way when nesting the lower two protrude a little. We really want to keep them!

SKU: W536


This original, vintage table set is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good – excellent, used condition. It has been thoroughly cleaned and a natural wax polish applied. The tiles on all three tables are in excellent order, securely in place and with no grout cracks. The rosewood table frames carry very minor, superficial signs of wear – as you can see from our photos, they have been very well looked after. They are all beautifully made, solid and sturdy with  no areas of concern. Very sadly there is no maker’s mark, such a shame as they are of the finest quality. They do originate from Denmark though, imported directly, and they date from the 1960s.

LARGE TABLE: 54cm x 36cm / H: 48.5cm
MEDIUM TABLE: 47cm x 36cm / H: 46.5cm
SMALL TABLE: 40cm x 36cm / H: 44.5cm