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Original Vintage 1960s Chippy Telephone Table with Integral Seat

This is a wonderful blast from the past. Designed to live discreetly in the hallway as a station for your rotary dial telephone, there’s a pull-out seat for longer chit-chats. It’s in fantastic condition so either it was well taken care of or the original owner didn’t like to gossip! Featuring a drawer, a wipe-clean memory slide and an integral, pull-out back vinyl stool. They may not be required for their original purpose anymore but these are really fun, quirky pieces that are great talking points and still have a use. It would be an excellent bedside table for example.


SKU: W617


This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good – excellent, used condition. We have thoroughly cleaned it inside and out, and applied a natural beeswax polish to its exterior surfaces. The drawer and pull-out memory slide move with ease and are clean and tidy. Likewise, the integral stool pulls out with ease and is in very good order with the original black vinyl in near flawless order. There are very minor marks and scuffs to the wood here and there in line with its age and function – please view our photos for a good sense of the overall fantastic condition. It’s well-made with no signs of repair or areas of concern. The maker’s label can be seen inside the drawer.

H: 68.5cm / W: 42cm / D: 44.5cm – 76 / H to Seat Top: 40.5cm