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Original Vintage Danish Rosewood Cabinet with Drawers

Combining sharp, Scandinavian good looks with home needs, this wide-but-shallow cabinet delivers handsome, practical storage. Its depth at just 27cm means it doesn’t intrude into the room but sits tidily against the wall. Pull down the door to reveal a two-bay cupboard, each with a height-adjustable shelf. This section can also be locked. Beneath this are two slim drawers with discreet metal handles. Elegant and simple in design, it’s the stunning rosewood veneer that elevate this from the ordinary, with the rich tones and patination across the exterior surfaces. It hails from Denmark and we date it to the mid-late 20th century as it’s in such super order.


SKU: W527


This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. We have cleaned the cabinet inside and out but otherwise left the original finish well alone. All interiors are in clean, tidy order. The hinges on the pull-down door are in good working order too. The shelves can be height-adjusted by moving the pegs up and down. There are some light marks to the exterior finish here and there. We have flagged in our photos a small dent on the front. It’s very small and barely noticeable as you can appreciate from our photos showing it in wider context. There are also some small chips to the veneers on the top side edge. Again, what we would classify as light wear and hardly noticeable overall. It’s a well made piece, solid and stable. Unfortunately there is no maker’s mark but it is a Danish original, imported directly.

H: 81cm / W: 116cm / D: 27cm