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Old Vintage Double School Desk with Metal Legs

Dating from the 1950s-1960s, this original, old children’s double flip-top school desk carries the marks and scars of a busy life! It may have scribbles, ink stains and scratches but it’s this very stuff that adds to its appeal and charm in our view. These salvaged desks are excellent for kids’ bedrooms with plentiful integral storage and a robust build (they have and can continue to withstand a lot of wear and tear). The fact this desk design isn’t sloped like many vintage school desks you see, makes this even more practical and with its marks and scuffs, you don’t need to be precious about it. It’s also a good home-working station for a laptop user. We’ve shown it in our photos with a regular dining chair to give a sense of scale and to show it can be used by adults too.

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This original, used piece is ‘sold as seen’. It’s in fair-good, vintage condition. It’s structurally sound and solidly made, built to take a lot of wear and tear, so in this sense it’s in great shape. However, as you can see from our photos, there are scribbles, marks, staples and stains to the wooden surfaces, both inside and out! Although we have washed the desk, we have left this finish well alone because in our view, it’s this life that adds to the item’s appeal and character. We wanted to conserve this so haven’t taken steps to remove any of this history. The metal legs also carry signs of wear with some surface rust here and there.

H: 61.5cm / W: 92cm / D: 37.5cm
Knee Height: 51cm