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Midcentury 1960s Ladderax Modular Shelf System With Corner Bay

Truly versatile pieces of furniture, British maker, Staples, made modular Ladderax storage systems, incorporating shelves, desks, bookcases, corner units, drawers and more. These different elements can be configured in whatever way suits. This two-bay shelving system that dates from the late 1960s is in very good order and it’s a rare find too as it includes the freestanding angled bay. It makes this a particularly versatile unit as it can either tuck into a corner or can be used as a open-sided room divider. This makes it ideal for zoning open plan rooms, segregating the space. This system incorporates two sliding door cabinets and two shallow shelves on one bay and four large angled shelves on the corner. The corner can of course go at either side, and these large, expansive shelves would be work well for a turntable or other media. This piece of classic, much sought after midcentury furniture would work in any room in the modern home from lounge to bedroom to kitchen, creating a high-impact, statement feature. We often find that the component parts of original Ladderax systems are bashed and knocked with use but this particular set is in great, vintage order with light wear and tear.

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This is an original, vintage modular piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. It has been cleaned and the teak shelves and cabinets polished with natural beeswax polish. The full inventory for this modular shelving system is:

3 x Tall Black Ladder Uprights (H: 201cm / D: 36cm)
– 2 x wall-leaning, 1 x free-standing
1 x Corner Upright
1 x Glass Front Cabinet (W: 89.5cm / H: 47.5cm / D: 35cm)
1 x Sliding Door Cabinet (W: 89.5cm / H: 40cm / D: 35cm)
2 x Shallow Shelf (W: 89cm / H: 2cm / D: 20cm)
4 x Corner Shelves
20 x Metal Support Rods plus screw fittings to secure cabinets onto ladders

In our experience Ladderax systems are often quite heavily knocked, partly because of their age and partly because of their function as a multi-purpose, high-use piece of furniture. This set however is in fantastic condition with what we would classify as light wear and tear. There are some minor surface marks, scratches and scuffs here and there but these are minor and in line with its age and role. The sliding glass doors and interior, height adjustable glass shelf are original and in excellent order, and the doors slide with ease in their runners. The same goes the the other sliding door cabinet with wooden doors which also has a glass, height adjustable shelf inside. Thew four large corner shelves have some light scratches on the surfaces but they are minor and not particularly noticeable. Please do browse all our photos for an accurate sense of condition. The nature of this modular system means it can be configured in different ways – we would recommend that there are two people on hand during assembly. Then two uprights are designed to lean against the wall (they are not freestanding) but you don’t need to secure it to the wall. There is a corner pole which then moors to the freestanding end ladder which has two feet.

H: 201cm /  W: 175cm / D: 35.5 – 83cm