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Matching Pair of Handsome Danish Stouby Black Leather Armchairs

This fine chair pair hail from Denmark, made by reputable furniture maker, Stouby and dating from the late 20th century. There’s a wonderful organic flow to the richly toned bentwood frames with curves and dramatic angles a-plenty. They are very comfortable seats too with the perfect tilt so although the proportions are tidy, they don’t cut corners on support and loungability. Very elegant and with a handsome silhouette from all sides, they would add a classy note to any space, wherever they are positioned, however they are styled. Selling as a matching pair as that is how we have acquired them but do get in touch if you’re interested in just one.


SKU: S441


This pair of original, matching chairs are ‘sold as seen’. They are both in very good – excellent, used condition. The leather upholstery has been cleaned, as has the frame with a natural beeswax polish applied. The original, black leather upholstery is in excellent order on the sectioned, single cushion with plump inners and working zips. There are leather wrinkles and signs of light wear and tear, as you might expect with vintage leather, but this is minimal and barely noticeable. Likewise, the finishing canvas underneath is also in excellent order. The chair is superbly constructed, solid and sturdy with no wobbles or creaks. The cushions are Stouby branded and they date from the late 1980s – early 1990s. Please do browse our photos for a good sense of their fantastic condition.

H: 65cm / W: 63cm/ D: 74cm
Seat Height: 44cm / Seat Depth: 46cm