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Vintage Ercol Oval ‘Windsor’ Model 384 Drop Leaf Dining Table

This handsome, original Ercol table has gone on quite the journey from a dark past to a full, gorgeous restoration, bringing together two original, vintage Ercols tables as one. Please read on to our condition report to find full details! It’s quite a catch at a great price. The iconic Windsor design has stood the test of time with a beautiful, honey-toned ‘blonde’ elm top sitting on four long, beech splayed legs. Windsor tables are characterised by their softly tapered edges that gently slope off. It’s an expertly balanced and harmonious piece of midcentury design. The drop leaves are extended with a simple pull mechanism on the underside. With the leaves down, it’s a compact piece that will tuck neatly away. When required it extends to a generous oval (it tricks the eye as it looks round but in fact it’s oval) that can comfortably accommodate four-six diners. Ercol furniture is synonymous with good design, quality materials and craftsmanship and is built for longevity. It’s a timeless classic.

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This original, vintage table that is ‘sold as seen’. It’s in very good, used, restored condition but please read on. This table arrived with us in a very poor state, as part of a large consignment of Ercol furniture. Closer inspection revealed that it originally had a dark finish but had been stripped and varnished (not particularly well) at some point. We dismantled it and re-stripped the top, finishing with a professional quality furniture oil and beeswax. The base of the original table was unfortunately irreparable so we actually replaced it with another vintage Ercol model 384 table base that we had in the workshop. What most people do not realise is that when Ercol picked the wood for their tables they generally selected the more knotty wood for the furniture that would have their dark stain finish, as they believed that consumers would prefer ‘cleaner’ wood for the natural, blond finishes. However, we are inclined to disagree; the more knotty British elm is full of character and these knots and imperfections are an integral part of this glorious wood. So what we have here is a fully restored table of two halves: an Ercol British elm table top from the 1970s that was once dark stained but has now been refinished to reveal the wood’s character, combined with an original Ercol elm base, also fully restored, dating from the 1960s. We would never normally choose to strip back a dark stained Ercol piece – it is incredibly time-consuming and the results are not often worth it, however after being presented with this opportunity, we took on the challenge and are rather pleased with the results! It is now in very good, used condition. There are some very minor marks and scuffs from general use, as you might expect with a vintage piece as well as a couple of slightly darker patches on the table top that may well be part of the wood, or may be where the original stain has penetrated deep into the surface. The arms that are pulled out to extend the leaves moves with ease and are in good working order. The table is sturdy, solid and beautifully crafted as you would expect from Ercol. The blue Ercol sticker is still fixed to the table base.

H: 72cm / W: 125cm / D: 113cm / W with Leaves Down: 63.5cm