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Vintage Ercol Children’s Blue Dot Stacking Chair

Originally designed for use as a child’s school chair, Ercol’s stacking chair range came in different sizes, denoted by a coloured dot at the back – yellow, red, blue and green, the largest size. This is a blue dot design (the dots are still visible at the back of the chairs) and it’s super sweet. It’s as solid and sturdy as it ever was, and is in super condition, given its considerable years – the dot stacking chair range dates from 1963. It can of course be used as a child’s chair still but it is also quite simply, a fine-looking, eye-catching object which can be put to good use as a side table by a favourite seat, a bedside stand, next to the bath in a country cottage, or a space for a dramatic houseplant.  A beautiful vintage thing with considerable charm.


SKU: S316


This is an original, vintage chair that is ‘sold as seen’. It’s in very good, used condition. We have lightly cleaned and polished it with natural wax but nothing too invasive to ensure the original finish and aged patina is preserved. It does, as you would expect, show signs of wear and tear. It is sturdy and solid with no signs of repair. There is no second back bar, more commonly seen on these dot chairs, although not always. There are small, discreet screw holes on the chair’s back spindles, indicating this bar has been removed at some point. We’re not sure why and this has been reflected in our price. Ercol’s blue dot can be seen on the back.

W: 39cm / H: 71cm / D: 50cm
Seat Height: 38cm