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Vintage Danish Midcentury Low Black Leather Swivel Chair

We don’t often get low swivel chairs – they tend to be tall-backed – but this is a particularly handsome model. Imported from Denmark, it dates from the 1960s and is as cool, sleek and stylish as can be. Sharp, chiselled lines and a clean silhouette from all sides, it’s also a lot of fun sitting on a silver, spinning swivel base. It’s in fantastic condition. The original upholstery does carry knocks and scuffs, but this very much characterises vintage leather chairs and is why they are so sought-after – its lived-in good looks and hard-wearing, robust finish.  The unfussy design on this chair means it looks striking as a standalone seat but it can also be matched with other seating of different sizes and styles.

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This original piece is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. The leather upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned and a nourishing black leather balm applied. The two cushions are in excellent order with working zips and plump foam inners. The fixed leather upholstery on the main frame is in good-very good order. There are some minor scuffs and marks here and there, mainly on the chair’s extremities, such as the arms and the top of the back where it’s rubbed against a wall. We would add though that this wear is in line with what you might expect to see on a used, leather chair that’s over 50 years old. Rather, it’s part of its history and charm. The silver swivel base has been added at a later point (not by us, we should add), most likely in the 1970s, but this is a common modification with imported Danish pieces. It’s in good order and moves with ease. Likewise, the finishing cloth underneath cushions is in good condition too. Sadly there is no maker’s mark but this is a well-constructed, fine quality Danish midcentury chair.

H: 68cm / W: 81cm/ D: 75.5cm
Seat Height: 38.5cm / Seat Depth: 49cm