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Trio of Vintage 1940s-1950s Suitcases

A set of three vintage suitcases, all different designs but all from the same 1940s-1950s era and all complimentary. The largest case, made by Paxall, is unusual as its widens with clasps that extend. They may come with scuffs and signs of travel use inside and out, but they have undeniable character. They look fantastic stacked up to style a dull corner or entrance hall. They can be put to good use as handy and unusual storage for all manner of things. Their size means they can stow under beds too.


SKU: M144


These are original, used pieces that are ‘sold as seen’. They are in good, vintage condition. The cases have been vacuumed but no other restoration has been completed. All cases open and close with ease and have working clasps, although we sadly don’t have the keys. As you can see from our photos, they are scuffed and knocked but this isn’t anything significant and doesn’t compromise their looks or use within the home (we wouldn’t advocate using them on holiday!).

LARGE CASE: W 81cm x D 38cm x H 19cm
MEDIUM CASE: W 56cm x D 30cm x H 18cm
SMALL CASE: W 46cm x D 27cm x H 15cm