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Stunning Vintage 1950’s Large Dining Table with Metal Legs

Truly one of the most handsome tables we’ve ever seen, this piece would elevate any dining area. With one large, uninterrupted piece of teak ply that tapers at its edges and sitting on curved metal legs, it makes a statement. The clever thing about this table’s expertly crafted design is that even though it’s a big piece, it has an elegance and slimness to it. The table top seems to float.

SKU: W046


We’ve researched this table a great deal to try and find out more about where it’s from and who designed it. It’s clearly a fine quality, superior piece but there is no maker’s mark. Despite our best efforts, we’ve been unable to find anything even similar. We know that it dates from the 1950’s and clean, unfussy design suggests Scandinavian origins but the bent metal, tubular legs are very French. If you know about this piece, we’d love to hear from you! What we do know is it’s beautifully crafted from the tapered table edges that showcase the ply layers  to the inset positioning of those legs.

W: 152cm D: 76cm H: 73cm