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Smart Vintage Midcentury British Wooden Desk / Dressing Table

Formerly a dressing table for a stylish 1970’s bedroom, there is not such a demand for them these days and they are more commonly repurposed as desks and it’s no wonder – they are perfect in this new role. It makes an excellent, slimline work space without the substantial depth of a regular, standard desk. And what it loses in depth it makes up for in width so still plenty of room for books, files and more, and with ample storage as there are five generous drawers. You may of course wish to use this as originally intended, as a dressing table, and we have all three mirrors – two small side ones that can be angled and a large main mirror which can be tilted.

SKU: W130


This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good condition. We have lightly cleaned and polished this piece. The five drawers are in good, clean order and slide with ease. Overall it’s very solidly constructed and stable (note: it’s a heavy item). There are some minor scuffs and marks but nothing specific to call out. Where the side mirror brackets screw to the back / top of the main piece, there are two small dark patches visible when they are removed and a little light fading on the top surface. These aren’t particularly noticeable. If using as a dressing table, the main central mirror can be tilted. We didn’t add this mechanism when we photographed it with mirrors in place but this will be included. All three mirrors are in very good order. Please refer to our photos for a good sense of the condition of this vintage piece.

H: 75.5cm / W: 150cm/ D: 42.5cm
Dimensions for chair: H: 59cm x W: 49cm
Height when mirrors in place: 121cm