Set of Three Early 20th Century Antique Stakmore Folding Chairs

Possibly one of our all time favourite finds, this trio of antique folding chairs by Stakmore, are a joy! Yes, they might be tattered and torn, but given their age and function this is hardly surprising. Stakmore began making its signature folding tables and chairs in 1922 and the looped, metal, back leg design on these leads us to believe these are a very early model, dating from the 1920s. For all the chipped paint, rusted metal and tatty green velvet upholstery, these chairs are solid and sturdy, and their folding mechanisms are in good working order. They can absolutely be used as an occasional seat. We’ve deliberated a great deal on whether to restore them ourselves. We love the aging and patination on the wooden frames and metal legs so we would leave this well alone. The original upholstery does require attention if you plan to use them as chairs but due care should be taken to find a colour or pattern that complements that wood and style. We would opt for velvet, retaining the original tacks to keep the chairs as authentic and original as possible. It might be you plan to decommission them as chairs and just enjoy them as stand-alone objects of interest. They have a theatrical presence so could be used as stands for clothes, hats, books or plants, perhaps? They are lovely, old things, full of character, history and provenance.

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This original, vintage set of three chairs is ‘sold as seen’. They are in rustic, used condition. We have gently cleaned the wooden frames, taking care not to affect the paint patina. The original green velvet seats and backs have gently brushed and then vacuumed but again, nothing too rigorous as we didn’t want to cause further disturbance. A good starting point is to browse our numerous photos to get a good overall sense of the condition of these chairs. You can see that the paint on the wooden frame is chipped and marked, the metal legs and hinges rusty, and the upholstery threadbare and torn from its tacks in places. But these are the very things that are part of their considerable antique charm. Structurally the chairs are sound and solid, even the chair that has bowed (see our photos). The folding mechanism and moving parts are in good, working order. We would recommend reupholstering them, a simple job for an upholsterer, requiring minimal fabric. With care the original tacks could be retained and reused for authenticity. The chairs are stamped with the Stakmore maker’s mark underneath. We’ve not been able to find the exact same chair. We believe these are early models by Stakmore, dating to the 1920s/1930s.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

H: 87.5cm / W: 45cm/ D: 51cm
Seat W: 37.5cm / Seat H: 45cm

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