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Pair of Original 1943 Vintage E Gomme Folding Chairs

Boy, this pair of  vintage folding chairs have seen some history! Designed and made by E Gomme, they are date stamped ‘1943’ so were made and used during WW2, and during the reign of George VI. And of course E Gomme went on the found G Plan. Yes, they come with knocks and marks from their previous life but they have much character and charm, and they have much left to give. They are solid and stable, with their folding mechanism in excellent working order. Use as regular dining chairs or have stowed away for when extra guests call and more seats are needed. They certainly deserve to be a talking point. We think they’re really special.

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We have given these chairs a thorough clean and wax but we’ve been careful not to remove too many of the marks. They are sturdy and stable with no wobbles, and they fold back and forth with ease. On the underside of the seats you will can see the George VI stamp and the E GOMME stamp and year of manufacture can be seen. See our photos for an accurate sense of the condition of the chairs.

H: 80cm / W: 48cm / D: 50cm