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Original Vintage Solid Teak Inset Desk with Drawers

This vintage wooden desk offers generous proportions and ample office storage with three drawers. Sadly there is no maker’s mark so we’re not aware of its exact origins (we suspect its British-made) but we can date it as a 1950’s / 1960’s piece. It has a clean, function-first design and is superbly constructed with dovetail joints and solid wood. Would be perfect for a home worker needing a quiet spot to focus.

SKU: W069


This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. This desk is in good-to-excellent condition. It does carry scuffs and knocks but we’ve left these well-alone. A working desk should show signs of a little wear and tear! The vinyl inset top is lightly scratched in a couple of places but again, this is minimal. Please refer to our photos for an accurate sense of overall condition.

H: 76m / W: 124cm / D: 63cm
Interior Measurements for Chair: 72.5cm x 67cm