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Original Vintage 1970’s Norwegian Tall Leather Bentwood Chair

Slouchy, loved and lived in is how we would describe this 1970’s Norwegian bentwood chair. It’s made for indulgent relaxing with its tilt, its headrest and soft, deep brown leather. We love the design of the ‘safari chair’ arms and we love the shape of this piece in profile with its fluid, curvaceous frame. These chairs offer an excellent alternative to bulkier, more traditional lounge chairs as the  proportions are compact and slim without compromising on comfort.

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This is a used, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. The chair has been thoroughly cleaned and leather nourished. It’s soft and supple. There are some minor, superficial marks here and there on the leather seat cushions and headrest cushion but they are otherwise in good order with nothing specific to flag. They are held in placed with threaded rope which again is in good order throughout. The arms have born the brunt of the wear and tear, as you might expect with a used lounge chair. The leather on both arm tops shows superficial cracking (note: these are not tears, more like wrinkles) but we have applied leather balm to keep them supple. The sewn piped edges of the arms have worn through in places (please refer to our photos which show this accurately) leaving small gaps but this isn’t hugely noticeable nor does it affect the chair’s function. Indeed, it’s just part of its lived in look. The finishing canvas under the leather cushions is a touch faded at the back and along the front edge the finishing canvas is a little worn and frayed – again, please refer to our photo of this area. The light bentwood frame is structurally sound and sturdy. Again, there are some minor scuffs and scratches to the wood in line with its age. Overall this chair is in fair-to-good condition. The condition has been reflected in our price.

H: 99cm / W: 73cm/ D: 85cm
Seat Height: 44cm Seat Depth: 45cm