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British Midcentury ‘Volnay’ Afromosia Extending Dining Table by John Herbert for A Younger Ltd

A very handsome, beautifully crafted, solid African teak/afromosia dining table that can be readily extended to seat up to eight people. John Herbert designed the Volnay range in 1956 and it was produced up to 1965. A Younger Ltd was a renowned, fine quality furniture maker, heavily influenced by the Scandinavian ‘form and function’ design aesthetic of the day (this table is a definite nod to those made by Johannes Andersen) and produced high end furniture from the 1950’s-1970’s. Their pieces were low volume and expertly constructed, sold in places like Heals of London.  With a clever mechanism, the two ‘hidden’ extending leaves are self-storing, housed beneath the main table top when not needed at full capacity.  The teak is dark and richly toned with a stunning grain on the table top. With softly curved edges and flowing, sculpted legs that taper down from the table corners, its clean, organic design will fit into the modern dining room or family space.


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This is an original, vintage piece that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in overall good condition. It has been checked, cleaned and polished. The mechanics to extend the table are simple and clever. The whole main table top is lifted off in its entirety (it is kept in position by two pins) and the two leaves at either end slide out. Once they are in position, the main table top is added back.  The extended table would comfortably seat eight people. There are some areas of wear and repair to flag. There has been a professional repair to one of the leg joints. It’s been reinforced with dowels. It’s solid and well done but you can see the repair when the table top is removed and also from the side, although it is discreet. There is a small shard of wood missing by the central joint. This is only visible when the table top is removed and in no way affects the structure or stability of the piece. There are also some superficial indentations to the top of one of the legs. We suspect this is where the table has been clamped at some point and due care hasn’t been taken to alleviate the pressure of the grips. We have shown this in a photo but again, this isn’t very noticeable. On the table top itself there are some minor scuffs and dents with use, plus a very small repair in one area, but these are minimal. Likewise, on the two end leaves there are some minor marks but again these are to be expected for an used piece of this age. We have shown all the things described in our photos so do browse for an accurate sense of the overall condition. These factors have been taken into account in the price. Sadly there is a no maker’s mark but this is a documented design so we can attribute it with confidence to fine British furniture maker, A Younger Ltd, made in the early 1960’s.

H: 77.5cm / W: 129cm (regular mode)-212cm (extended)/ D: 82cm
Height from floor to wooden frieze: 66.5cm