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Original 1950’s Vintage Turnidge Home Bar / Cocktail Cabinet

Admit it, you’ve always wanted a bar at home! And this is an absolute vintage gem. Made by British furniture maker, Turnidge, in the 1950’s, this has it all. By day, it looks like an innocent, smart, two door cabinet. By night, it transforms into a cocktail bar. It comes with almost all of the original items – tray, juicers, mixing sticks – with extending arms that fold out to create space to mix drinks and socialise. Furthermore, there is lots of storage for glasses along with spaces for eight bottles. They simply don’t make furniture like this anymore and now the new ‘going out’ is ‘staying in’ surely every house needs a home bar!

SKU: W067


This is an incredible piece of furniture from another time but still with a space and use in today’s home. Aside from its bar function, it does provide loads of practical storage for glasses and bottles. It’s also a very beautiful cabinet to have in a dining room or family space, with a stunning wood patina, that doesn’t intrude when it’s closed down.  It’s in very good condition indeed. There are three cocktail stirrers missing but their holder is still in place on the door so they could be replaced with others. The moving parts work with ease, there are no repairs and it’s particularly sturdy and solid. The casters it sits on move freely and help with moving the piece, ready for the bar to open. All latches are in excellent working order and the original key is in the door so the cabinet can be locked. All the internal glass shelves are in order and the maker’s badge is affixed to the inside door. There is a ring on the top surface that we opted to leave. You would lightly sand and repolish if you found it troublesome but it felt apt for there to be a glass ring! See our photos for an accurate sense of the excellent condition of this piece.

CLOSED: H: 107.5m / W: 83cm / D: 46cm
OPEN: H: 105cm / W: 159cm / D: 62cm