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Midcentury 1960s Danish Green Leather Swivel Chair

A fine example of the classic, midcentury Scandi swivel chair! This one hails from Denmark and dates from the 1960s. It’s in particularly good order – it’s been taken excellent care of – and looks handsome from all sides with its dramatic curves and lines. Swivel chairs like this are like sitting inside a hug – enveloping, generous and cosy. You won’t want to get back up. This is destined to become someone’s favourite chair.

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This is an original, vintage chair that is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good, used condition. It has been surface cleaned and a natural leather balm applied. The seat cushion is in excellent order with a plump inner, buttons securely attached and a working zip. The back cushion is fixed in place. Again, it’s in excellent condition with secure buttons and plumpness. There are signs of light wear to the leather on the cushions, as you might expect. The fixed leather upholstery on the chair frames is in very good order. The arms have some minor wrinkles and a little fading from wear (see our photos) but this is minimal and what we would expect with vintage leather – it’s part of its appeal. There is a rub line across the back of the chair. This is where the chair has been swivelled and it’s brushed against the wall. Please refer to our photos to see this. We would describe this as minor wear. The finish cloth underneath the seat cushion has a small mark on it but is otherwise in tact and in good order. The swivel base moves freely and with ease and the feet are in very good order. The chair is very solid and sturdy with no signs of repair. Sadly the marker’s sticker is no longer affixed to the underside of the chair but we believe it’s most likely an HW Klein design, made for Bramin in the 1960s / 197os.

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H: 95cm / W: 78cm / D: 88cm
Seat Height: 44cm / Seat Depth: 55cm