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Large Vintage Medical X Ray Light Box

A wonderfully quirky item that could be an unusual talking point in your home. This large, medical X ray light box is in excellent working order and comes complete with spring-loaded, Perspex clasps at the top for slotting in X rays, drawings and prints. It can either be fully lit on both sides or each side can be illuminated separately, using the silver switches at the bottom. There’s a further central spotlight on the right side which you hold the black button for. This metal lightbox is free-standing so can sit on the floor or on a sideboard / shelf. There are also specific holes at the back of the box for mounting directly onto the wall with screws. The piece has been PAT tested so it’s safe and sound.


SKU: M153


This original, used piece is ‘sold as seen’. It’s in very good, vintage condition. We have lightly cleaned the surfaces but have otherwise left it well alone as it’s in excellent working order. The front screen is in fantastic condition, as are the four Perspex clasps at the top. These are sprung so you simply slot your X Ray / art work underneath to hold it in place. The two silver switches that turn on / off the lights in each side are in excellent order and so is the press black switch for the central spotlight (note: this isn’t meant to stay on permanently, only when the button is pressed). The light box has been carefully checked and PAT tested. There are some minor scuffs and scratches to the painted white metal frame / box but as you can see from our photos this is mainly on the back and are minimal. It can be freestanding or wall-mounted.

H: 50cm /  W: 72.5cm / D: 13cm