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Large Midcentury British Extending Teak Dining Table

This grand table with generous, extending proportions is perfect for assembling friends and family around. British-made in teak, it undoubtedly dates from the late 1960s and it’s been very well loved as its in immaculate condition. It could seat up to 8 people when at full length, possibly more. The extension is integrated into the centre of the table. Pull the two sides apart and with a clever, rotating mechanism, an extra section is added. It’s frustrating that we’ve not been able to pinpoint the maker as it’s such a high quality piece with stand-out design features like the unusual legs. The teak too is outstanding with rich, golden tones and patination.


SKU: W392


This original, vintage table is ‘sold as seen’. It is in very good – excellent, used condition. It has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and a natural wax polish applied to the external wood. The two side pull apart (this is best done with two people) to reveal the extension integrated and stowed inside. With a simple rotation, this folds out and flattens, securing in place with a clasp. The two halves are then pushed back. The mechanism, clasps and runners are all in very good working order, although the runners are a little stiff – no bad thing, better to be stiff than loose to stop the leaves pulling apart. There are minor marks and surface scratches here and there on the table top but nothing to flag. The same for the legs – just light wear and tear and nothing to call out. This dining table has been well cared for. It’s very well made, solid and stable. It’s a heavy, substantial piece. Sadly there is no maker’s mark and we’ve had no joy attributing it ourselves. The central extending mechanism is very similar to those on McIntosh and White & Newton tables but it has unusual metal runners and the leg design is particularly unique. Regardless, this is a fine midcentury dining table of a very high quality.

W: 152.5cm extending to 198.5cm / H: 74.5cm / D: 91cm