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Danish 1960’s Original Henrik Horst Metal Wall Sculpture

A striking brutalist metal wall scuplture by Henrik Horst and dating from the 1960’s. It’s made from weathered and burnished iron, and features abstract forms of flowing curves and circles, against sharp angles and stark points. It’s a large impressive piece of art with much texture and much to look at. There are steely blues, reds and rusts in the mix. It’s mounted on hessian and framed with fittings to hang it immediately on the wall.

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We took the call to leave the original metal work form well alone. It is heavily textured with rust but having consulted other metal sculptures by Horst we believe this is how it was made and meant to be. The frame including the hessian backing is original and this shows no sign of degradation, other than minor signs of aging, so this also lead us to conclude the rust on the metal hasn’t occurred because it’s not been cared for – otherwise the frame and backing would have deteriorated too.

If you have any questions or require extra information, please do get in touch.

W: 92cm H: 40cm